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Blue World City Trade Center

Blue World City Trade Center Islamabad Overview | NOC | Location | GharKahani

The Blue World Trade Center is an integrated smart-building structure with the most modern amenities and services, greatly enhancing the convenience and fun of conducting business. The smartly designed high-rise known as Blue World Trade Center acts as a gateway for Pakistan’s real estate sector, owned and developed by the Blue Group of Companies. In Rawalpindi, the Blue World Trade Center will quickly ascend to the top of the list of desirable addresses for businesses, particularly those in the real estate sector. The goal is to establish a real estate business center in Pakistan that has the appearance of a mixed-use, advanced developed building equipped with all the amenities and services necessary for a successful business.


The idea behind this fantastic project is to offer opportunities and connections to everyone. The objective behind building this architectural marvel was to work as a trading hub for local and foreign merchants. In addition, it will act as the area’s business center. Additionally, it will serve as a center for entertainment in the area, drawing visitors not just for business but also to unwind with their loved ones. The goal is to be the first visitor region in Pakistan. There will also be a variety of restaurants and other themed spaces for people.


Blue World City Trade Center Location

The trade center will also be known as the most sought-after collaborating destination, particularly for the real estate sector, outlets, and their associated business, due to its ideal location and easy access from Rawalpindi and Islamabad to create a real estate commerce hub in Pakistan with all the resources and amenities necessary to increase business efficiency and output. One advantage is that the Bahria Town Hospital is right around the corner. The Giga Mall and the Lignum Tower are both close to the project.


Why Blue world city trade Center?

The salient amenities and advantages of Blue World City Trade Center make you consider this fantastic project. For your convenience, we have listed the following:


Model of the Twin Towers

Being a duplicate of the Petronas Twin Tower, a well-known twin tower landmark in Malaysia, designed to international standards, Blue World Trade Center is a huge endeavor.


Meeting room

Blue World Trade Center will offer a variety of board rooms for the commercial sector’s accessibility. It provides a setting with excellent multi-media resources and efficient air conditioning.


Corporate Offices

BWTC offers tidy, professional workspaces for its staff. The corporate offices will have individual workstations, cubicles, and offices available with WiFi and air conditioning facilities. Additionally, they will have lounge areas where employees can unwind during breaks.


Fully Furnished Apartments

BWTC provides you with a fully furnished and fitted apartment inside the twin towers, with everything one might require.



The Blue World Trade Centre will also have upscale hotels that offer their guests individualized attention, a variety of comforts, and opulent rooms. They want to meet or exceed their customers’ highest expectations for comfort, décor, and luxury experiences.



A cafeteria and fine-dining restaurants will be part of this magnificent project. The structure will offer restaurant services for the comfort and convenience of its occupants and the local business district.



More of the BWCTC noteworthy Features are below:


  • Pharmacy
  • Dedicated Parking
  • High-speed elevators
  • Gated Community
  • Food Chains
  • Commercial Building
  • Security Forces
  • Cinema Halls


A shopping center, the Jamia Mosque, banks, and CCTV cameras are all present in BWCTC. Due to its underground electricity, water and electricity will be accessible around the clock.


The Blue World Trade Center, situated in a great area of the Twin Cities, offers some cutting-edge features and services that will draw investors from all over the world, not only from Pakistan.


The facility also provides amenities that will aid in the expansion of local and foreign traders’ businesses. The above list Risk-Reduction Restaurants, Elevators Building, and Outstanding Management Systems include a few of these amenities.



The BGC-IGC Consortium advances the trading industry with the help of the Blue World Trade Center, Pakistan’s first skyscraper dedicated to real estate exchange. A mixed-use revolutionary building design with all the amenities and resources, including two helipads, is the idea behind creating a property development hub in Pakistan to increase corporate functionality, luxury, and productivity. For all other developments from the developer, such as Blue World City, blue world city’s latest update, and blue world city’s latest news. Please visit the Ghar Kahani blog area or contact the expert team for better assistance. Ghar Kahani Marketing team will always give you the best investment possibilities on the market.

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