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Capital Smart City Islamabad latest Block Updates – Bookings Available

Capital Smart City has several residential and commercial units that enhance the investor’s lifestyles, which will raise demand and investment rates. For all future residents, the developers are constructing a pioneering living space in the nation with the highest prices and living standards. The capital Smart city map will also increase the return on investment. The blog will discuss the Capital Smart City block access to the community for investment purposes.

Capital Smart City Blocks offer a range of living and investment options. Additionally, the capital Smart city master plan’s creative elements will raise investors’ standard of living. Capital Smart City Islamabad is one of the best housing society for enhancing Pakistan’s climate.

Here is a list of the dwelling units.

  • Overseas East Block
  • Executive Block
  • General Block
  • Harmony Park
  • Overseas Prime Block
  • Overseas Central Block
  • Capital Block District
  • One Capital Residencies


Capital Smart City Overseas East Block


The most well-known asset creation option is the Overseas Block Residential units in Capital Smart City Islamabad. Only Pakistanis living abroad are allowed to access the Overseas Block. The necessary amenities and expensive high-end luxuries will be available to potential homeowners. Additionally, it will be close to the international top block, increasing the value of living there. Last but not least, the capital smart city overseas block map will increase the return on investment for foreign investors. Overseas Block plots are in very high demand. The quality of life in Capital Smart city overseas blocks is on par with that of other nations. It has direct access from the M2 Motorway provided by the designated interchange, right next to the smart city’s Main Boulevard.


Capital Smart City Executive Block

One of the contemporary yet slightly upscale housing options designed to give investors a higher living level is the Capital Smart City executive block. Those purchasers who make installment payments timely are the only ones eligible for the Executive Block. As a result, the block’s position is excellent. Due to its location between the River and the Golf Club, it is easily accessible.

You can change your General Block file into an Executive Block file.

Additionally, the Executive Block’s construction is ongoing, along with the other blocks.

The payment schedule for Capital Smart City Islamabad in 2022 will be sufficiently affordable to enable investors to choose the best and most reasonable investment in this block. As a result, potential residents can invest in a luxurious and profitable home here.


Capital Smart City General Block

Another residential building that aids in providing investors with the highest investment rates is the Capital Smart General Block. For its early reservations, the society’s general block functioned as a foundation before being expanded into additional blocks. The society’s numerous blocks contain a range of residential and commercial property sizes, from 5 Marla to 1 and 2 Kanal plots.

These choices will enable the investors to choose the best acquisition to accommodate the family’s needs.



Capital Smart City Harmony Park

One of the affordable Capital Smart City Blocks is called The Harmony. 3.5 Marla plots will also be available, in addition. These Villa Apartments are an affordable housing development that offers you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience urban living. The investment rate will become more realistic for most investors as a result. Additionally, not only will this be the case, but all citizens who desire to live a long and prosperous life will have access to services. There are two varieties of villa apartments in the Harmony Park Block of Capital Smart City. It is close to the executive block, which will increase the value of the residential unit. As a result, it will be in a highly congested and accessible area of the Smart capital city’s boulevard.


Capital Smart City Overseas Prime Block

Overseas Prime Block, which debuted in 2020, is renowned for its prime location and rapid development. Additionally, the management of the smart city has promised to produce this block in two years. The overseas prime block is open to foreign investors in the nation who are sincerely working for improvement. Additionally, the area will have several facilities, guaranteeing that all investors will have access to top-notch facilities that will aid investors in achieving long-term investment gains. For instance, due to its excellent structural quality and reasonable payment rates, this unit is becoming popular among Capital Smart city plots in Overseas Prime, including 7 Marla, 10 Marla, 12 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal Plots, which have a 3.5-year pricing plan. Plot reservations in the Overseas Prime Block begin with a 10% down payment.


Capital Smart City Overseas Central Block

Another building that will meet the demands of Pakistanis living abroad is the capital smart city overseas central. Additionally, the region will have residential and commercial facilities for long-term investment rates. The amenities offered here create a more favorable and relaxing environment for all foreign investors. As a result, the overseas central will help foreign investors establish sustainable living among the Capital Smart City Blocks.


Capital Block District

The building has majorly residential apartments, each with amenities and features to meet the interests and wants of the neighborhood’s investors. Most importantly, the rates are fair because the project will be on Chakri Road. The dwelling unit will also have a link to the Silver Business Park, which will be advantageous for business needs. CPEC Business Park and Crystal Lake will also raise the investment’s value in this area.


Capital Smart City One Capital Residencies


The most recent project of Capital Smart City is One Capital Residences, located in Capital Smart City’s I-Sector and next to the back of the mosque in C-Sector Islamabad offers you a dream lifestyle with magnificent vistas amidst the natural landscape with a lovely combination of residential, commercial, and tourism all at once, surrounded by Crystal Lake.

It is a vision of living amidst the great outdoors, with breathtaking views. There are 1738 homes in the building’s residential area.

It is a joy to behold and is situated in a lovely structure. Additionally, One Capital Residences offers a variety of names for its apartments, such as Silver Bell, Daisy, Oleander, Emerald, Jade, and Service Apartments. With Numerous amenities like restaurants, coffee areas, sports areas, a grocery store, a swimming pool, a waterfall, and 24/7 security.



Capital Smart City Blocks will support future residents and investors in creating sustainable living standards with several amenities that will raise the living standards and attract more investment from both domestic and foreign residents. The Smart City concept aims to create an intelligent radian growth pattern. Ghar Kahani provides its customers with the fulfillment of easy and peaceful living that they may enjoy. Contact Us Today For Bookings and Details.






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