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Investing in Real Estate by Pakistani’s Living Overseas in 2022

Investing in Real Estate by Pakistani’s Living Overseas

As a result of the country’s economic well-being, Pakistani foreigners have a significant impact. Because of Pakistanis’ remittances, Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves have increased. In Western countries like the United Kingdom and the United States, as well as the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, Pakistanis who have migrated live in the largest populations. Approximately nine million Pakistanis reside outside of Pakistan.

To improve their own and their family’s financial circumstances, a huge majority of Pakistanis have relocated outside of Pakistan. So many Pakistani workers have traveled to the Middle East in quest of employment. The Middle East’s Pakistani community has grown to be one of the largest. These Pakistanis residing overseas send remittances back to their homes and communities in Pakistan.


What are the Challenges Faced by Pakistanis Living Abroad, Who Want to Invest in Real Estate?

Pakistanis living overseas have faced a range of issues when it comes to investing in real estates like transactions, including fraud, corruption, and other wrongdoings. Commercial and residential properties belonging to Pakistanis residing abroad have allegedly been taken over by land-grabbing mafias in the real estate sector of Pakistan. For Pakistanis living outside of Pakistan, taking legal action against land grabbers in Pakistani courts is difficult.

Nearly 70 percent of Pakistan’s housing societies are breaking local laws and regulations, according to a recent report. A Pakistani national living outside of Pakistan is the primary customer for this business. To help ease the difficulties experienced by Pakistani citizens, the current government has launched a massive crackdown on unlawful housing organizations that are selling to Pakistani immigrants.

Pakistan’s real estate business is primarily reliant on Pakistanis living outside of Pakistan making investments. The Pakistani government has put in place the necessary safeguards to protect the investments of Pakistanis living abroad.

For What Reasons are so Many Pakistanis Living Abroad Investing in Real Estate?

The Industry has Stabilized

Overseas investors now have more faith in Pakistan’s real estate market because it is more open, credible, and honest than it used to be. In addition, the Pakistani government has made a variety of economic reform steps to make the country more appealing to foreign investors.  The construction industry has been given incentives by the government to encourage both domestic and international investment.

Roshan Digital Accounts have also given Pakistanis living outside the country more control over their finances. Roshan Digital accounts give Pakistanis the ability of different forms of investing in real estate, commercial properties, and stock exchanges.

The Evolution of Technology

Modernization is another important reason why Pakistanis living outside the country invest in Pakistan. Overseas Pakistanis have access to the latest real estate news, project details, and investment opportunities thanks to social media apps and services. Sponsored ads on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube help connect Pakistanis living abroad with people in their own country.  Overseas Pakistanis are doing their research from the comfort of their own homes, thanks to the wealth of relevant information available on the internet.

Paying with a Credit Card Through the Internet

An international investor’s biggest concern is making payments while they’re away from home. Some would be forced to fly to the country, while others would have to enlist the help of a family member to cover the costs. To put it another way: Because of digital banking, the entire procedure is made considerably simpler.

Online banking has made it possible for international clients to invest at the touch of a button. Real estate societies have made it possible for foreign and local investors to make payments online, resulting in payments being received within a week. The only thing investors need to do is deliver the necessary PDFs. Real estate experts take over after the necessary paperwork and funds have been collected.

Real Estate Consultants and Agents

Overseas Pakistanis have been encouraged by investing in real estate by real estate consultants. These investors make it as simple as possible to invest in real estate. Once foreign investors have found a reliable consultant, the consultants will take care of the rest of the work on their behalf. Real estate experts handle every aspect of buying and selling the property, including all the associated paperwork.

For the sake of argument, let’s pretend you are an extremely busy individual who lacks the time to thoroughly investigate the market. It is entirely possible to delegate all of your tasks to the consultants. Real estate consultants know the market inside and out and can provide you with up-to-date information on current trends.

Pakistanis Living Abroad get Access to Additional Services and Facilities

Overseas Pakistanis usually have a special section of societies all to themselves. Only overseas investors are allowed to purchase these limited areas of land in the executive blocks. To help guests feel more at ease, they provide luxuries that aren’t available across society.

Investors from all around the world have been drawn to Kingdom Valley Islamabad, a residential and business community. A dedicated section of Kingdom Valley caters exclusively to the needs of foreigners living in the society’s overseas area. As a result of the rising demand for foreign blocks, the level of profits is quite high and in most cases, the overseas blocks are the first to be developed.

Bottom Line

Overseas Pakistanis are taking advantage of the country’s strong economic growth by investing in a variety of industries. Opportunities for Pakistanis living abroad exist in every housing society of Pakistan, including investing in real estate, agriculture, retail, IT, energy, tourism, and financial services.

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