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Lahore Smart City

After the incredible success of Capital Smart City Islamabad being witnessed by the people of Pakistan, the developers have decided to build another similar project with upgraded features and amenities in Lahore the Capital of Punjab. Just like the Capital Smart City Islamabad, Lahore Smart City will also be the first-ever smart housing project built in Lahore.

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Lahore Smart City Overview

The Lahore Smart City located near the Ring Road project and Kala Shah Kaku interchange, is being developed by the renowned Habib Rafiq Pvt Ltd in collaboration with Future Development Holding to set the smart housing society standards to another level. The development of the project has been started recently that’s why much information has not been revealed yet.

Investors are already being seen as highly interested in Lahore Smart City because CSM has been a huge hit and now that people are given another big opportunity to earn great benefits, no one would want to miss it.

Lahore Smart City

Lahore Smart City Owner and Developers

Future Development Holding (Pvt.) Limited and Habib Rafiq (Pvt.) Limited is collaborating on the Lahore Smart City project. FDHL is a well-known real estate development and asset managing association. They have been developing integrated communities that adhered to international living standards for years. Along with cutting-edge infrastructure and high-end architecture, FDHL tries to provide residents with the most comfortable smart lifestyles.

Habib Rafique Ltd

Habib Rafique Ltd, is Pakistan’s leading real estate construction and property management firm. HRL has a six-decade track record of delivering significant and well-known projects in a variety of fields, including power plants, road construction, housing projects, hospitals, airports, and many more.

This will be their second smart city project in Pakistan’s real estate industry which is expeted to be the game changer.

 FDH and HRL are the most well-reputed real estate organizations because of their high-quality projects and incredible commitment to their work and profession.

Surbana Jurong (SJ)

Surbana Jurong is the LSC’s master planner. Aisa is one of the most well-known real estate consultants for infrastructure development. SJ is a Singapore government-owned corporation that was founded in 2015.

Design consultants

There are other significant names responsible for the development of Lahore Smart City Housing Society:

  • Cracknell
  • Surbana Jurong Company
  • Harradine Golf
  • Troon Golf
  • DSA Architects International Company
  • Arquivio Architects
  • Smart Future
  • Design Men Consulting Engineers

Lahore Smart City NOC & Legeal Status

LDA has granted the No Objection Certificate of Lahore Smart City Residential project. LSC will offer sustainable and eco-friendly Smart living standards for the people of Pakistan. As Pakistan’s real estate market continues to grow, LSC creates an atmosphere that encourages investment.

It’s fantastic news for both the business community and the people who intend to move here. Obtaining a letter of approval from statutory organizations is crucial for a housing society since it is the only way for them to begin the possession and development stages of their project.

Lahore Smart City Location

Lahore Smart City is situated on the Bypass Lahore adjacent to the N-5 National Highway, close to Kala Shah Kaku railway station. The GT Road, Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M-2), and the Lahore-Sialkot Motorway are all easily accessible routes that take you to Lahore Smart City site (M-11).

Lahore Smart City is strategically located near the Lahore Ring Road to make it comfortable for the residents to reach their homes and it also provides great business opportunities by being located close to the commercial hub of Lahore.

Nearby landmarks

Several important places and landmarks close to Lahore Smart City are within reachable distance;

  • UET New Campus
  • Kala Shah Kaku
  • Rana Town
  • Ferozwala
  • Shahdara
  • Tomb of Jahangir
  • Badshahi Mosque
  • Kala Shah Kaku Railway Station

Accessible Routes to Lahore Smart City:

Following are the easy routes one can take to reach LSC;

  • The location is on the Lahore Bypass.
  • GT Road is just around a 4-minute drive away.
  • M-2 Motorway is just around a 5-minute drive away.
  • M-11 Motorway is just around a 10-minute drive away.
  • The Lahore-Sargodha Road is just around 11 minutes distant.
  • Lahore Ring Road L-20 is around a 22-minute drive away.
  • Hardosohal Muslim Road is just around an 8-minute drive away.
  • Balkhay is around a 5-minute drive from Kala Khatie Narang Mandi Road.

Lahore Smart City Master Plan

Lahore Smart City’s master plan encompasses 20,000 kanal of land. The master plan is skillfully developed by Surbana Jurong, a Singapore organization. It is said to be based on the Urban Township Model in order to emulate the Capital Smart City Master Plan. Because it is spread out across a broad area, the master planner has strategically placed essential requirements within easy reach of each block and district.

Both FDHL and HRL organizations are known for their quality work and for delivering the best possible services. This is the reason why investors expect Lahore Smart City to be constructed and developed in the given time, while their expectations aren’t let down by the developers. The development work is taking place at an amazing speed while keeping the quality of the project unmatched.

Excellent community centers, educational establishments, and healthcare facilities will be available in the Lahore Smart City Housing Scheme. A vast network of broad highways would be extended throughout the whole community to facilitate the citizens big time.

Lahore Smart City General Block

The General block in Lahore Smart City consists of residential plots that are inexpensive and modest in price. Residents of the general block will have access to all essential requirements as well as smart amenities. It will just be a residential building comprising homes and flats, a mosque, and businesses selling daily necessities.

Lahore Smart City Overseas Block

The Overseas block in Lahore Smart City caters to the requirements of people living abroad. They will be provided with high-end luxurious facilities and smart features in their accommodations. The LMS Overseas block consists of residential plots and villas. This block is exclusive for the people of Pakistan who live outside the country and are willing to build a home in a well-reputed housing society in Pakistan.

Among other futuristic and smart technologies being provided, the necessities of life will also be fulfilled. These include mosques, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, stores, and educational institutions.

Commercial Plots

The commercial sector of LSC is also known as the financial square gate, and it has offices, banks, conference halls, hospitality, retail offices, 5-star boutique hotels, and an exhibition hall, as well as residential units and small stores selling everyday items. The developers are focused on creating a new commercial hub in Lahore in Lahore Smart City.

Lahore Smart City Executive Block

This block would feature residential dwellings and flats, mosques, retail businesses, playgrounds, jogging tracks, and a hypermart, much like any other residential block in the Lahore Smart City housing society. The main distinction will be that the facilities in this block will be a bit more luxurious than those in the regular block, and plots in this block will be more costly.

Lahore Smart City Farmhouses

LSC provides 1 Kanal and 2 Kanal farmhouses with amazing panoramic views for vacations. People may farm there, keep their pets there, or create a beautiful cottage for parties, get-togethers, family reunions, or just spending quality time with their loved ones.

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Lahore Smart City Payment Plans

Plots in Lahore Smart City are available for purchase in easy-to-pay instalments plan. Like the Capital Smart City, the LSC will need a 10% down payment, followed by a confirmation payment and equal quarterly installments. The following Lahore Smart City payment and installment schemes are available for pre-launch bookings. According to the soft launch, the following payment option is offered for LSC early investors.

General Block Payment Plan

Commercials Payment Plan


Lahore Smart City Facilities and Amenities:

Residents of the Smart City will have the opportunity to live in a contemporary environment. One of the key reasons is the Smart City of Lahore’s supply of world-class services and amenities. Furthermore, it assures the supply of all smart amenities in Pakistan’s second smart city by applying cutting-edge technology.

Prime Location

Lahore Smart City is situated in a beautiful hilly area that is surrounded by greenery. You can enjoy breathtaking sunsets and a peaceful environment while remaining in proximity to the main city.

High-Tech Security Mechanism

For security across LSC, there is a high-tech mechanism of reliable video surveillance, installed throughout the society in order to meet the security needs of its visitors and residents.

LDA Approved Society

LSC NOC has been duly approved by the LDA, and it is considered to be one of the top legal housing societies in Lahore. You can buy plots in LSC and secure your future.

Educational Institutes

LSC seeks to provide residents with quality educational institutes inside its premises. The management, including the owners, are contacting multiple small- and large-scale educational institutes for this purpose.

Comfortable and quality living

The housing society is devised in a manner that creates a resilient societal environment from the spot therefore that the individuals are able to enjoy a sensual and tranquil society that could develop into a hub for commercial, recreational, residential chances and opportunities.

Safety and Security

Video surveillance is being utilized to monitor and control any criminal action, and safety measures are required to protect senior’s citizens, women, and kids. Secure Investment

Development Status of Lahore Smart City

The work on Lahore Smart City is moving at a rapid rate, according to the latest progress reports. Lahore Smart City Tracking is also in the works. The procedure of following Main Boulevard has come to an end. Additionally, the prime coat on B 1 road has been completed by the employees over there. The developers are working at a fast pace in order to finish the project in the time allotted.

Habib Rafique Private Limited (HRL) and Future Development Holdings (FDHL), the owners and developers, have a track record of finishing and delivering projects on schedule. They place a strong emphasis on completing projects within the agreed-upon time frame while still adhering to international quality standards. They’ve also opened up the entry from the Kala Shah Kaku junction to the public. Many trees and plants have been planted to make it a more environmentally friendly environment. Developers are giving the project their full attention in order to make it as wonderful as possible.


Lahore Smart City is developing in the footprints of Capital Smart City by the same developers. That is the reason that this property is promising with regards to the high-profit margins. This is going to be quite beneficial from the future perspective and it caters to a lot of potentials. The developers are highly dedicated to making it the most appealing society in Lahore and also in Pakistan with all the modern luxuries.

LMC proves to be the most incredible opportunity whether you want to build a home in a promising society or start a business in the commercial hub of Lahore Smart City. For Booking and Details Contact Us or Call Us At 03313334427 .

How to Book Your Plot in Lahore Smart City

You can easily book your plot at Lahore Smart City through Ghar Kahani as we’re the authorized property consultants for LSC. You may call us for consultation or visit us at our head office in Islamabad with the following documents which will be needed at the time of plot booking:

For Local Clients:

  • ID card Copy of the applicant
  • ID card Copy of your Nominee or next to kin
  • Passport size picture
  • 20% Down payment in form of Cash/Pay Order/Cross- Cheque

For International Clients:

  • Overseas national ID card (2)
  • Copy of your national ID card (2)
  • Passport size photos (2)
  • ID card of your next of kin (2)
  • 20% Down payment in form of Cash/Pay Order/Cross- Cheque
Frequently Asked Questions About Lahore Smart City 

Questions You Might Want To Know Answers To…

Where is Lahore Smart City situated?

The Lahore Smart City Housing Project is located on Lahore Ring Road and M-11 Lahore-Sialkot Motorway, near Motorway (M2).

Who is the master planner for LMS?

Surbana Jurong has taken the responsibility to create a wonderful master plan for Lahore Smart City just like they have done an impeccable job for the previous, Capital Smart City housing society.

Is Capital Smart City the same as Lahore Smart City?

Lahore Smart City housing project is a sequel of Capital Smart City Islamabad in the capital of Punjab by the same developers.

Who owns Lahore Smart City?

Lahore Smart City housing society is a project being developed by FDH and owned by Habib Rafiq Pvt ltd.

Is LMS different from Lahore Smart City?

LMS is the short form referring to Lahore Smart City residential project.