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What elements do real estate brokers consider when calculating property prices

What Elements do Real Estate Brokers Consider When Calculating Property Prices?

Elements to Consider While Calculating Property Prices

Since the Covid-19 pandemic has reached its end in Pakistan. Thanks to the Almighty, the great effects on-the-job and business markets have begun to fade. As a result, it is an excellent time for any homeowner to sell their home in the market, and the odds are good that they will obtain a decent price for it. But, before you do so, you should understand how realtors calculating the property prices, or what aspects influence house value assessment. There will also be a few ideas and tactics for calculating the fair market worth of your home; keep reading to learn about the entire process of real estate agents evaluating house value.

The property pricing system in every location is influenced by a number of elements. It is much easier for realtors to determine the values of a property in normal circumstances within a region when there is enough of a balance between demand and supply of goods. However, factors like increased market demand, forced auctions, or government announcements of area development may have an impact on property prices.

Land prices, in Islamabad, were so low a few years ago that you could acquire a lot of land for less than a million dollars. But, now that the New Islamabad International Airport has opened for business and the M1 (Motorway) has provided a separated interchange for the area, property prices have skyrocketed. Let’s look at some of the aspects that influence how real estate brokers determine property values in a given area.

Property Availability

Few regions are so highly inhabited that everyone wants to find housing or business possibilities there, whereas others have a large amount of land available in the vicinity, and you’ll see exposed barren land for kilometers. The first factor that determines the value of a property is its location. For example, in the commercial and satellite towns of Rawalpindi and Gulberg, it is difficult to find a listed property for sale, hence the rates would be expensive. Under normal circumstances, a 10 Marla plot in that location may cost between 4 million. However, a similar property size in Bahria Town Phase 8, Rawalpindi, or Blue World City will cost less than 2 million.

Resources Availability is Important

The availability of necessities in that place is the second aspect that drives this process. Real estate agents are aware of the availability of water, gas, and electricity in a given location and adjust the house’s price appropriately. Higher costs are found in areas where all of these necessities are adequately supplied, or in communities that are self-sufficient in supplying the demand. Areas that experience periodic shortages do not have a good reputation, and housing values are comparatively lower.

Owner Property Price Suggestions

These days, owners are so well-informed that they keep a watch on any new property listings in the area. As a result, they have a good understanding of how markets work and are well-versed in society’s present pricing strategy. As a result, the owner’s input is always carefully considered. However, the homeowner may raise an irrational price that cannot be accepted by the realtors according to their calculating property prices on their terms. Negotiation and market research are thus the methods for resolving such issues.

Bank or Lender-Forced Auction

When the receiving party fails to make installments on time, houses are built with the help of a bank or a private lender are for sale. The lender is just concerned with the equity and is willing to sell it for as little as the pricing will allow them to recover their investment. As a result, these houses are sold at low prices, and they have a significant impact on calculating property prices with local property market value.


Selling property is never an easy task and needs a lot of effort. The most difficult part of the procedure is the estate agent determining the house value. The realtors will be calculating property prices on the basis of different elements. This article is dedicated to all homeowners, who should read it and determine the fair market worth of their home. Here’s an easy formula to remember:

Cost of land + Construction Costs (Grey Structure and Finishing) + Capital Gains Due

We attempted to make this post as detailed as possible. If you have any further queries, please leave a comment below and one of our real estate professionals will surely assist you.

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